Stella Maris Resort Air Service is a fully licensed, Bahamas based, Air Charter company operated on a Bahamas Aircraft Operators Certificate. SMRAS is operated by Stella Maris Inn Ltd, and is based at the Stella Maris International Airport, in Long Island Bahamas. Both aircraft are equipped with dual GPS navigation, Weather Radar and Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems.

Twin Engine – non pressurized
190 mile per hour cruising speed

Twin Engine – non pressurized
200 mile per hour cruising speed

The Piper Chieftain can carry a maximum of 9 passengers with a useful load of approximately 1800 pounds and the Aero Commander can carry a maximum of 6 passengers with a useful load of approximately 1450 pounds (the useful loads exclude the pilot and fuel and are based on normal route sectors of up to one hour. Weather conditions and fuel availability at certain airports can affect the useful load).

SMRAS has been in operation for over 15 years and the company pilots have well over 20 years of flying experience.

Tel: BAHAMAS: 1.242.3382050 or 51 or 53
Tel: CELL PHONE: 1.242.357.1182
TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Rates effective January, 2013 (cash price). For credit card payments 5% is added. All charter flights are one-way unless specially ordered and accepted as round trip. Standard landing fees are included; all other fees are customers’ costs. Prices may change on short notice and/or become subject to fuel price add-ons, in accordance with energy/fuel price developments. Extra Charges: Overtime $100.00 per hour (beyond 6:00 p.m. summertime). Waiting time: Aero Commander $125.00/hour; Chieftain $150/hour. Please contact us for scenic tours, all day excursions, or any other special request!
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